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I write to my mother once a month. She didn't want him to go overseas. She isn't lonely now. Yeah. Do you know who they're playing tomorrow night? Dick promised to come back by three o'clock. I always keep a dictionary close at hand. She asked me what had become of him, but I didn't know. She sat next him wishing she were somewhere else. At what time? Where is Tom's classroom?
Photofiltre 6: - She declined the invitation.
- Mary loses her temper easily.
- Tom looked at the tall man suspiciously.
- She considered his offer carefully.
- I'm satisfied.
- Miss Anderson, how will you be paying?
- Make yourselves comfortable.
- This can't be a real diamond.
- Do you think he made that mistake on purpose?
- They were school children then.
OK, I'll talk to you later. The boy sat on a chair. That fox must have killed the hen. We competed with each other for the prize. He can't tell right from wrong. I saw a young boy crossing the street by himself. I would like to be a pilot in the future. His shoes are brown. This is my email address. It is dark in that room.

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