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I can't believe you're taking pictures of cockroaches. I'm just watching TV. No problem, I'll help you look for it. Bill is two years older than I am. Sorry, I made a mistake. They're on the right side of the TV. What normally happens is... Let me get this right... How about my backpack? Do you know where that is? I bought it for 10 dollars. I saw the picture you took of that fish.
Ed Sheeran Firefly: - Speak slowly and clearly.
- Do you have anything hot to drink?
- I am frank.
- Are they clean?
- She looks pretty no matter what she wears.
- Let's get together tomorrow.
- It's really hot.
- She thanked him for his kindness.
- He's better at the piano than I am.
- Where can I find a hospital?
I can read German, but I can't speak it. You must be very hungry now. Mind your business. My legs still hurt. Eat your soup before it gets cold. It's easy to work in jeans. It's my favorite food. What's your email address? I feel more alert after drinking a cup of coffee. I passed the exam and so did Tom.

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