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I asked you to come yesterday, but you didn't come. She's older than Tom. The storm didn't cause any damage. When were potatoes introduced into Japan? Would you like to wait? Is it US Bank? I like traveling. That's too many. How long does it take by bus? They were very excited.
Psexec: - I am a graduate in commerce.
- This hat cost ten dollars.
- May I ask you a question?
- I can't see well.
- We had a lot of rain last year.
- I have a hangover.
- I am sorry it is wrong number.
- It's going to snow today.
- Tom is a very good tennis player.
- I copied a passage from the book into my notebook.
I have college today. That's a bright idea. Could you write it down, please? I am looking forward to hearing from him. Who is their homeroom teacher? I never for a moment imagined that I would win. Oh, I see. Are you quite certain about it? I had to wait more than three hours. He knows it from A - Z.

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