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It does nothing for me. The boss just chewed him out again. Ann loves chocolate more than anything. What grade is your sister in? I think he is a good choice, but I think McCain would make a good president also. Where's the pharmacy? I met him last week for the first time in ages. Nancy looks like my sister. They charge 26 dollars per day. I'll be back right away.
Lammps: - Hurry, or you'll miss the train.
- That man grabbed the young girl's wrist.
- The boss gave us all a day off.
- Say hello to your friends.
- The book is on top of the table.
- Are you sleeping, Tom?
- I promise you I'll keep you safe.
- Does he attend the function?
- I don't think I'll ever sound like a native speaker no matter how much I try.
- How is your friend Suresh?
I don't know how much this motorcycle is. This sentence doesn't make sense. I want to think about it. He is a handsome man. I know that. Who are they playing? I bought this book the other day. I was born on the twenty-second of June in 1974. She adores him. Won't you come with me? Stay here and wait for him.

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