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She agreed to my idea. I do not and never will feed my dog raw fish. She has been watching television for three hours. She accompanied him to Japan. OK. She was advised by him to go to the police. Mind the steps. I'm sick of hearing it. Yes, I think they might have gone to the same college or something like that. I'm not exactly sure how they know each other. Mary was looking for you at that time.
Skiman: - I can't walk fast, but I can walk for a long time.
- I can swim across the river.
- Would you like water or milk?
- This isn't fair.
- She made up her mind to go to college.
- This is a very old book.
- There was a lot of snow last year.
- The meeting was closed.
- Why are you shouting like this?
- She rubbed her eyes.
She went to the hospital by taxi. Turn the key to the right. Do you think I don't know what's happening? He's somewhat hard of hearing, so please speak louder. The big one or the small one? She has short hair. I went for a walk in the park. Oh, really? Thank you. That would help a lot. Will you let me know when he comes? She advised him to drink more milk.

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