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I have a reservation. I ought to go there, but I won't. She gave him his first kiss. That sounds really interesting. I'd love to come. You'll go to school tomorrow. This is what I need. Jim is Canadian. The bus will take you to the center of the city. I go to bed at eleven. Hi Michael.
Gta Iv: - Well, we were only there for three days, so we didn't do too much. We went shopping and went out to dinner a few times. At night we walked around the city with some friends.
- He is afraid of death.
- She gave him a piece of paper.
- I think you've got what I need.
- I know that it is highly unlikely that you'd ever want to go out with me, but I still need to ask at least once.
- I've spent so many years as chairman that I feel it's time I stepped down.
- I feel like going on a trip.
- When I opened the door of the refrigerator, an apple fell out.
- My older brother finished his homework very quickly.
- There are many people here.
Do you have the number for a taxi? Did you speak at all? Does anyone want some more pie? A boy came running toward me. This coat fits you perfectly. Don't spend all the money. I'm glad to see you. I don't need your money. I just need your time. He's a late bloomer. She is used to cooking.

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