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I am interested in music. Can I have the bill please? He's been sick in bed for four days. He is not available. I'll be glad to help you. I am accustomed to staying up late. You're really absent-minded. How is everybody? No. What time did you wake up this morning? You are as white as a sheet.
Call Me Greyhound: - The dictionary.
- She is graceful.
- That's a good school. What do you study?
- I didn't know that you were sick, so I didn't visit you in the hospital.
- She couldn't convince him to write a song for her.
- The desk drawer is open.
- He suggested that I accompany him to the party.
- She quit the company.
- I'm afraid that you have to work overtime.
- I can tell it's him by the way he speaks.
Listen carefully. What exactly is the disease? This should be plenty. It's going to be hot today. I have to look for my pen. I think he's a great writer. A few. Apparently, we'll be getting a raise within two months. Do you know what he has done? Are you seriously thinking about starting your own business?

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