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I asked her for a date. I don't understand. Are you still thinking about applying to Harvard? The traffic was terrible. What is the difference between these two? Yesterday Mary stayed home all day. Thanks for everything. Is she married? This is an old book. I have a lot of homework.
My Name Is Stain: - She went out to buy some food.
- They are giving the bonus next week.
- I wish that we could spend more time together.
- How long do I have to wait?
- The blue SUV in front of the Honda.
- What does she have?
- I think there's something wrong with you.
- She scolded him for being late.
- This house has eleven rooms.
- You should be careful when you drive a car.
He loses his temper easily. I trust you. He came several times. We provided food and clothes for them. She accepted his gift. Yes. Certainly. He takes a bath every morning. Communications broke down. Do you want something to drink? It's time to get up.

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